Site change

Dated 2024-03-03

Note as of 2024-07-07: I feel like this blog post would become outdated. Because some changes in the future would make some points that were described below obsolete.

Hello, if you had visited this site before, you may notice that something's changed. Yeah, something that I am talking about is this site that you're reading right now. (If you hadn't been there before, then that's fine, you're welcome)

It's been a while because I was really busy with other stuff instead of changing the site bit by bit, leaving it dormant for a long time. But then that day, I had decided to change and improve the site.

Here's the list of changes that are made:

  1. The pages' width is little compressed and the result's looking pretty good.
  2. Blog has been introduced. I had thoughts about having digital garden1 but I prefer blog because it, for some reason, makes sense to me.
  3. Some pages are moved for tidyness reason.

I know it isn't big but you have to consider that the site is still in infancy stage. I have to write this blog post to let everyone know about the changes to it. Anyways, have a great time.

1 Digital garden is "A garden is something inbetween a personal blog and a wiki." (README of MaggieAppleton's digital gardening tools and resources)